What is #Cupofjoy?

#Cupofjoy is a nonprofit initiative driven by the Indian Coffee Community, to save the small coffee business owners who are struggling to do business with the current nationwide lock down.

Business has come to a screeching halt however the fixed expenses like salaries/rent/utilities still exist, hence to ease the burden on such small businesses #cupofjoy initiative helps the consumers to buy online vouchers in advance from their favourite coffee shops now, which they can redeem later at the cafes once the business conditions normalizes.

100 INR – 200 INR will not break the bank for lot of people but that cumulative amount might just help pay utilities/barista salary/rent for a small café owner. Hate to see these beautiful cafes shut down, so happy caffeine shopping!!

Support them now.

How you can support

1. Customer chooses beverage/coffee beans
2. Pays Online
3. Voucher gets generated and sent to customer and a copy to the cafe/roastery owner
4. Money gets remitted to the cafe/roastery owner's account
5. Customer redeems the voucher for a cup of coffee or pack of beans  once situation normalizes