I am a coffee aficionado with a dream to watch India sip the finest cup of coffee that she deserves to be served!.




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I started the Indian Coffee Culture in 2016. It all began with my curiosity and love for specialty coffee that was fueled by my best friend. What started as a quest to be served the perfect cup of coffee each day, slowly grew into an Instagram blog that reviews cafes, which has now grown into providing consultancy, training, and community events to promote Coffee Culture in India 

During this journey, I noticed a gap in the Indian Coffee scene. We were exploring the world of specialty coffee without a precise understanding of the ingredients or essence to serve a fine cup of coffee. I was determined to learn all that I could and share it with as many as I could, to bridge this gap. And so, I set out on a mission to learn the art of brewing  & Roasting methods. 

Through endless hours of research, attending several training and workshops, and networking within the niche, I equipped myself to Roast & brew fresh Coffee. Over time, people from across the nation reached out to me and I began to understand the extent to which the coffee niche in India could use some guidance and more opportunities for growth. The Indian coffee scene is booming, and coffee drinkers need to know what’s in their cup.

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As we constantly inform ourselves with all-things-coffee, Indian Coffee Culture is committed to equipping coffee aficionados in India to get the most out of their coffee. We take pride in Indian coffee Farmers, Roasters & Barista to promote local engagement and endorse intentional brewing for the coffee you serve and the coffee you are served.

In recent times, we have seasoned ourselves to be recognized in the Indian coffee scene, through Coffee Consultancy, workshops & Community events, For many coffee lovers, we provided their first brewing kit, recommended coffee for home brewers and even did online training only because, I believe everyone’s first Cup of brewed coffee should be special, while I get the chance to directly connect with the end consumer, I  had a privilege to work on setting up Cafes, Roasteries.

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