Events | Bean to Cup

By Paul  |  August 30, 2019

Join us on a 5 day trip to the coffee estates in Chikmagalur, just a few hours away from Bengaluru, and get a first-hand experience on the coffee-making process, right from planting the coffee beans to the final steps of harvesting and roasting.

Kalledevapura Estate Coffee. Dyring yard

At the farm, you will learn about :
The different types of coffee crops
Identifying Arabica and Canephora (Robusta) Plants; and the Coffee Cherry
The variety of colors and sizes of coffee beans
How to hand pick coffee cherries
Defects in Coffee Plantations
Pulping Coffee beans
Cupping & Tasting

And much more, as you become a coffee harvester for a couple of hours!

Hand Pick Coffee Cherries.

The add-on goodies :

Visit Central Coffee Research Institute of India (CCRI)
Visit the Coffee Museum
Visit Bababudangiri Hills
SCA Foundation Course
Speciality Coffee Cafe tour in Banglore on the last day.

As much as this trip is all about experiencing and learning about the coffee-making process, you will also get to enjoy the great weather of Chikmagalur surrounded by the beautiful coffee estates all around.

So, what we are finally saying :

Whether you want a break to the Coffee Plantation or want to deepen your Coffee Knowledge, Bean to Cup will give you a great experience of a real functioning Indian coffee farm where you will have the rare and unique opportunity to learn about the planting, picking, drying and roasting processes that eventually culminates in your morning cup of coffee. Guided by a coffee expert at the farm, you will learn the details of each step in the process, from planting the coffee beans to the final steps of harvesting and roasting. You will learn how to select and pick just the ripe coffee cherries, and so you can become an actual coffee harvester even if it just for a few hours!


And so come! Escape with us for 5 days of beautiful aromatic coffee fun!