Let’s Brew | Cold Drip

By Paul  |  September 9, 2019

What you will need:

Hot Beverage on Samsung Prep and place the filter

Make sure to first assemble the filter with the finer side of the mesh
facing up and pop the glass tower into the filter.

Hot Beverage on Samsung  Pour ground coffee

Pour the ground coffee into the tower. Brush the loose grounds down
into the chamber and shake the tower to level the coffee.

Hot Beverage on Samsung Place the filter

Carefully attach the tower and place filter paper on the coffee bed

Hot Beverage on Samsung Saturate the grounds

Pre-wet the coffee with 50g of water and soak grounds evenly.
Push the plug down into the tower, wet the lip of the seal to help it.

Hot Beverage on Samsung  Add water and ice

Get the water and ice mixture (half and half) and pour it into the tower.

Hot Beverage on Samsung Allow to drip through and enjoy.

Set the drip rate by turning the knob clockwise, this will slow down
the drip rate. We recommend one drip per second.