PSA: I’m a friend of the Coffee Fraternity

By Paul  |  October 16, 2018

PSA: I’m a friend of the Coffee Fraternity

Never in my life had I thought that one day, I would be able to make such a statement. But today, I can proudly call myself a friend of the coffee fraternity and all because of my love for good quality coffee. My first and only mission was to find the best coffee for me to enjoy and then to also share that experience with others. In this process, while I developed my interest and knowledge for coffee which goes beyond just the cafe level, I was also always intentional about promoting good coffee.

Over the last two years, so many of you have recognized and appreciated me for what I do. Be it be baristas, rosters, cafe owners, trainers, professionals and so on.

With Pawan and Ganga Co-founder’s of Coffee Mechanics

But very recently, a friend of mine pointed out to me about how a few cafes don’t like me visiting them, which surprised me quite a bit. He explained to me that they were conscious of the fact that I might speak of them negatively or critique against them, or that I may even promote them in a bad light. But here’s the thing- when I do visit any cafe on my own, I’m like any other customer and I often avoid talking to anybody unless they approach me first. Otherwise, I pay for my order and I leave. But, if you have happened to come to this decision and perspective of me that I may be saying not-too-good things about you, then my friend, here’s what my heart for the coffee scene actually has to say:

Meet up with the Cafe owners of Nagaland.

Thank you for recognizing me, and I’m sorry if you have ever felt this way. My intention was and would never be to pull anybody down, but in fact, I want to be able to help you do what you do, better. If you are confident about the product that you sell, then you should be able to take pride in it, but if you have ever felt that there is something missing and that you need to learn something or have any doubts about coffee, then please do not hesitate to reach out for help, whether it is to me or to any other coffee professional. I understand how running a cafe at times could be too much about the numbers and you might feel like the numbers game has you trapped, but when you are selling coffee, do not ever compromise on the quality and do not ever forget to get your basic rights. For me, or for anyone who is absolutely in love with coffee, the quality will always speak for itself and the quality says it all.

So this is what I’m trying to say: I’m certainly not your enemy, but rather a promoter of good coffee and trust me, together, we can really build this coffee culture up, strong and proud in India!


2 responses to “PSA: I’m a friend of the Coffee Fraternity”

  1. Bobby Roy says:

    I’ve been to umpteen coffee evenings with you, Mano and never have I, for one moment, felt that you were being judgemental about the coffee that you were being served. I totally agree to the statement where you say, you go there as a regular customer, have your coffee, pay for it & leave.

    And all this inspite of being so knowledgable about coffee. This is what is so awesome about you! 🙂

    Hoping to go on more such coffee evenings with you, ICC.

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