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By Paul  |  December 19, 2018

As an inventor and engineer, Alan Adler took the brewed coffee game to the next level in 2005 by inventing the Aeropress manual brewing device. Replace your coffee maker machine with this aerodynamic brewer and join its worldwide devotees in a quest to extract the most exciting and exotic cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

The AeroPress is a device for brewing coffee. It was invented in 2005 by Aerobie president Alan Adler.

The Science and Scene

If you’ve experimented with a few manual styles of brewing, you may already understand some of the scientific principles behind why this method and device produce such satisfying results for the practiced barista. While the device borrows its plunging concept from the French press and some hints of steam-powered espresso extraction via its filter, you may also recognize an element of Indian coffee traditions at play. Madras filter coffee, a South Indian coffee style of manual drip brewing, uses two compartments and a tamping wand to extract a powerfully concentrated cup.

Now, the novelty, convenience, and speed of Adler’s aerodynamic device have carved out its own niche in the modern-day coffee-loving scene. With its ever-growing popularity among enthusiasts, you can find social events where aficionados and newcomers alike learn from one another and swap their favorite recipes.

Coffee Culture Champs

Starting in 2009, enthusiast’s of Adler’s brewing invention decided to turn their love of its marriage between art and science to the next level. The World Aeropress Championship began as a small, though global, a connection of coffee brewing competitors and has now grown into a multi-city runoff to see who can make the most dynamic and impressive cup of coffee. Attend an event and you can see competitors fine-tune every part of their recipe from the source of their filtered water to whether or not they brew using the device upright or inverted, which is a new twist on Adler’s original method.

2018 Winning Trophies at World Aeropress Championship

As representatives for the seventh-largest producer of coffee worldwide, India’s Aeropress-lovers made their first impression on the worldwide competition in 2017 by hosting three events in Mumbai, Bangalore, and New Delhi, which doubled in 2018. You will often hear from experienced baristas that this vibrant community spirit is as much of a reason to start experimenting with your own brew style and recipes as is the quality of coffee you can extract.

Master Your Brew

Carolina Ibarra, the 2018 WAC winner, credits an enduring love of coffee and the tried-and-true recipe that won her the United States WAC trophy for her clean sweep on the worldwide stage in Sydney, Australia. With her passion for educating others about coffee and how to brew the best cup, she readily shares her winning recipe. Follow her step-by-step process to brew your own trophy-worthy cup of coffee.

Carolina Ibarra at the World Aeropress Championship 2018

With a precise 35 grams of medium-fine, freshly ground coffee and an inverted brewer, pre-moisten a paper filter and ready your scale and timer:

  • 0:00-0:30, pour 100 grams of water, heated to 85 degrees Celsius (185 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 0:30-1:00, stir continuously
  • 1:00-1:30, fit filter cap on and flip, then press to extract concentrated brewed coffee
  • Top off the cup with 60 grams of the heated water and 40 grams of room temperature water

Once you taste the difference between automatic coffee maker machine brews and the rich, full-flavored cup that an expertly wielded Aeropress method delivers, you may never go back to traditional drip brews again.

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