Pour Over vs Chemex, what’s better for you?

By Paul  |  November 24, 2019

Coffee is a palatable beverage that many people long for to kick start every dull morning. It brightens up your day and gives you the much-needed focus. On that account, you can use a Pour Over or Chemex to get the perfect cup of coffee. Both are manual brewing equipment, but they possess distinct features. Have a look at them in detail as we unearth the differences.

Design and Make
Pour overs come in arrays of material that make up its design. On that account, you will find it in glass, plastic, ceramic, and stainless steel. The style is unique because it has flat-bottom or cone designs. What’s more, Pour Overs are portable with sheer simplicity due to their compact nature. For this reason, you can easily carry it around when you are in transit without the fear of damage.

On the flip side, the Chemex is entirely crafted out of glass. Further, it has a vibrant history trail that goes back to 70 years ago, making it outstanding in galleries. It is resilient due to the material, but you can’t carry it everywhere seamlessly.

You can use a Pour Over effortlessly, but you have to dedicate quite some time to the process. In the end, you will come out with a maximum capacity of 1 to 2 cups. The manual brewing equipment, therefore, requires patience and a small family.

Chemex utilizes filters that need presoaking before you use them to brew coffee. The number of cups that you can expect is between 3 to 10 cups. Thus, a larger family would reap bountiful benefits from the coffee maker.

The Pour Over has a filter or a cone that you can utilize for the procedure. On the other hand, the Chemex has a filter and carafe in combination.

Brew Time
They have different brewing times since the Pour Overtakes roughly 3 to 5 minutes. It will depend on the design since they vary accordingly. The Chemex takes 5 to 6 minutes since its filters are thick. Hence, coffee will drip steadily as compared to pour-over.

Brew Quality
The manual brewing equipment has clear-cut brew qualities in the end. They taste remarkably different due to their models. As a result, Pour Overs exhibit smooth and light flavors that are unique. You can make the coffee according to some specifications such as temperature, brewing time, flowing designs, and accessories as well.

The Chemex produces a richer and sweeter taste since it takes longer to brew the coffee. Additionally, the beverage is clean and subtle as you savor it after a long day.

Final Thoughts
Consequently, the two coffee brewers have eccentric features that you can select. You can satisfy your needs according to your inclination and taste. This way, you will choose a product that suits you individually. The variety in taste is for you to pick and enjoy to the fullest. Thus, you can treat yourself to the best coffee at the comfort of your abode.