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  • Specialty Coffee Shops vs. Mainstream Cafes: A Cup Will Let You Savor the Difference

    Specialty coffee shops are different from mainstream cafes for a lot of reasons, from the coffee beans to the culture behind them. Find out the differences.

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  • Aeropress | Brew it like a boss!

    As an inventor and engineer, Alan Adler took the brewed coffee game to the next level in 2005 by inventing the Aeropress manual brewing device. Replace your coffee maker machine with this aerodynamic brewer and join its worldwide devotees in a quest to extract the most exciting and exotic cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

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  • Coffee at 4,137 feet above the sea level

    Yes, you read that right! Sitting in a beautiful cafe in the city of Kohima with my regular dose of pour-over, overlooking the blue-skies and surrounded by the mountains, I think of how far the coffee has come. For many of you, it might be a very new thing to see and understand, or perhaps you’re even hearing it for the first time that the state of Nagaland to grows coffee.

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